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The Crucible

This is the bulletin board for " Naked Came The Alchemist " Any questions or general OCC (Out Of Character) comments can go below and I may periodically put up announcements here as well as summaries of each of the chapters as we complete them

Characters (so far)

1) Ruby Hunter, a maidservant sisma symbol:salt
2) Iosif Spektor, a doctor ru_debega symbol: mercury
3) Eliphas Eldred, a very pale young scholar metaleaf symbol: copper
4) Eleanora Swann, a singer and actress sweet_gardenia symbol:?
5) Robert David Fullerton, a priest hailerro symbol:?
6) Edward Blood, an actor in vaudeville floorlamps symbol:antimony
7) Caviliton Kerrishaw, a rich eccentric hailerro symbol:?
8) Verona Davies, a quite ordinary young lady fairytaleupdate symbol:sulfur
9) James (Jimmy) Harrison Newell, a orinthologist, vilajunkie symbol: fire
10) ??? (pending)

If you draw any pictures of your characters send me a link and I will put them up :D

Rogue's Gallery

Iosif Spektor by Ru_Debega

Important Preliminary Information Concerning Chapter 1

Each of the invited guests is in possession of a short letter sent to them and signed by Elias Rook. At the top of each letter, an alchemical symbol is present. These symbols are significant and in some personal way they are connected to your character. What the symbol is and how it connects with your character is entirely up to you to decide. The first part of each of your letters tells you to proceed straight to the grand dining hall and it gives you directions.

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